MyScale Analyzer – Connected scale

BW-MyScale Analyzer tracks the weight and the change of 4 body metrics (water, fat, bone and muscle mass). It also helps to monitor regularly persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to its capacity (6 to 150 kg), BW-MyScale Analyzer is adapted for the whole family starting at 5 years old.

Your family smart scale

  1. Measures the effects of a balanced diet and regular physical activity by programming personalised objectives
  2. With its high-precision strain gauge load cells, the scale measures weight with extreme precision (up to 50 kg: 5 kg; up to 100 kg: 1 kg; up to 150 kg: 1.5 kg)
  3. Results are easy to read thanks to the colour display
  4. Detects areas for improvement by monitoring certain indicators (BMI, WHTR*) – *WAIST-TO-HEIGHT RATIO
  5. Monitors related cardiovascular risk factors (BMI)
  6. Records up to 8 profiles : for the whole family starting at 5 years old.



  • Reference

    BW-SC1 / BW-SC2W
  • Weight measurement range

    Minimum : 5kg, Maximum: 180 kg
  • BMI range

    min : 2,5kg, max : 90 kg
  • Accuracy up to 50 kg

    0,5 kg
  • Accuracy up to 100 kg

    1 kg
  • Accuracy up to 150 kg

    1,5 kg

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