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VISIOMED GROUP to Launch BewellConnect® / MAJORD’HOME, The connected smart TV dedicated to home assistance....

VISIOMED GROUP is revolutionizing telemedicine with VISIOCHECK®, the first mobile, connected telemedicine station in the world weighing under 300 grams...

VISIOMED GROUP (FR0011067669 – ALVMG), next-generation medical electronics specialists, will begin 2017 by taking part in CES Las Vegas from January 5- 8. The group will take this opportunity to make a series of exciting announcements before, during, and after the CES conference, about its medical tools and the online healthcare services of BewellConnect®....

VISIOMED GROUP (FR0011067669 - ALVMG), French company specializing in new generation medical electronics announces the signature of a major distribution agreement in the United States. BewellConnect® FDA registered products, including the BewellCheck-up ® and MyDoc® services will be included in the revolutionary augmented telemedicine offer developed by a leader of the distribution of medical materials to physicians....

VISIOMED GROUP (FR0011067669 – ALVMG), a company specializing in new generation medical electronics, is pleased to announce that it is accepting orders for MyECG® on the www.bewell-connect.com website starting today. The revolutionary wireless pocket electrocardiogram, which is intelligent and connected will begin shipping in mid-July in Europe....