Thermoflash LX-26 Evolution

Thermoflash LX-26 Evolution is a non-contact thermometer. It is equipped with advanced MicroSecondFlash ™ technology, a faster auto-calibration system that reduces error margins. Direct keys without setting functions, facilitate use. Fast, it measures the body temperature at a distance of 5 cm. Very hygienic and non-invasive, it detects the heat emitted by the temporal artery (blood flow). By combining technical expertise, precision and simplicity, the LX-26 EVOLUTION is ideal for the whole family temperature taking.

  1. Instant temperature reading: 0.28 SEC
    Without touching, without pain, without waking or disturbing, even at night (backlit display). Always ready to use
  2. Unique contactless technology
    New patented software: Reliable and stable measurement. Automatic self-calibration and fast accuracy and repeatabilitys
  3. Simple use
    Direct keys without settings
  4. 4 new colors
    White, Ocean Blue, Icy Mint, Chlorophyll
  5. 1 single button (mode) for 3 modes of temperature measurement
    Body (Body Temperature), Surface Temp (Bath Temperature, Bottle, Food), Room (Room Temperature)


Thermoflash LX-26E – This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using (08/2018). Consult your pharmacist.  Visiomed Technology Co., LTD.,  Visiomed Group SA


  • Reference :

  • Mode of taking :

  • Viewing :

    °C or °F
  • Voice function :

  • Color diagnosis :

  • Surface temperature mode :

  • Room temperature mode :

  • Guarantee :

    2 years/40 000 intake
  • Alimentation :

    2x AA
  • Product dimensions H x W x D (in mm) :

    155 x 100 x 35

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