Thermoflash Pro LX-261 Evolution

The first medical electronic thermometer with infrared conceived for healthcare professionals. The ThermoFlash® PRO LX-261 EVOLUTION is equipped with advanced MicroSecondFlash™ technology. Its conception and materials have been specially thought to resist to intensive usage in private practice as well as in clinics and hospitals

  1. Unique technology clinically tested in hospitals
    (pediatric emergency department)
  2. Automatic calibration
    No settings or settings
  3. Instant temperature measurement
  4. Multifunction with 1 single button for 3 temperature modes
    Body (measures body temperature.) Surface temp. (measure the temperature of the bath, food …) Room (measure the ambient temperature)
  5. Voice Interpretation 6 languages :
    (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German)


Thermoflash PRO LX-261E – This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product with the CE marking in compliance with the reglementation. Read carefully the instructions before using (08/2018). Consult your pharmacist.   Visiomed Technology Co., LTD.,   Visiomed Group SA

Last modifications : Sep 25, 2018


  • Reference :

    Thermoflash Pro LX-261 Evolution
  • Mode of taking :

  • Viewing :

    °C or °F
  • Voice function :

  • Color diagnosis :

  • Number of memories :

  • Surface temperature mode :

  • Room temperature mode :

  • Guarantee :

    2 years/40 000 intakes
  • Alimentation :

  • Product dimensions H x W x D (in mm) :

    155 x 134 x 66

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